This is our bread and butter. We believe that we are specialists in all of the services we offer, but marketing automation is the niche area where we feel we thrive just that little bit more. But the question is, what is it? You may have heard of it, you may have not. But look no further for more info.


Go ahead and Google 'marketing automation'. You'll be met with a number of definitions which make it seem like an actual science. Sure, it's certainly a new development in marketing thanks to the advent of modern communication methods, but we prefer to define it as this:

Marketing automation makes it easier for you to nurture and onboard your customers across multiple channels, all automatically.

Maybe that's helped a little, maybe not. In its most basic form, marketing automation provides businesses the opportunity to take the monotonous tasks and allows them to focus on what's important.

Say, you have some sort of an online signup process. Marketing automation allows you to send an automated email, asking your new client to verify their email address. To do this, they would need to click on a custom link, which would send them to a landing page. Pretty. But on the back-end, this custom link allows for various completion actions to happen, including marking your 'verified' field within your CRM system as 'true', triggering another automated email to confirm their newly-verified status, add them to campaigns, and so much more.

This is also perfect for newsletter signup processes, blogs, you name it. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Benefits & Features

Marketing automation is a great tool for both your sales and marketing teams, as it helps automate marketing campaigns and sales activities to increase revenue and maximise efficiency.

A digital marketing strategy is great. A completely automated digital marketing strategy is better. This gives you the luxury of a steady lead generating machine without having to press 'send' every single time.

Much like everything, automation isn't a quick fix. The development of a successful strategy is one staggered over time. However, invest in it now and reap the rewards just a little longer down the line.

Models such as Lead Scoring and Grading is integral to marketing automation, helping you not only identify the prospects that are interested in you, but also the prospects you should be most interested in, as well, based on the firmographic and demographic data you have on them.

Together with top-notch content, marketing automation can help nurture new clients to make that first payment - one of many, no doubt - as well as up-sell and cross-sell to your existing base.

As it is data-centric, it is also easier to measure the success of your efforts. You can see what works and exploit it, but also what doesn't work and fix accordingly.

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