Email might seem like a relatively new development, given the acceleration in Internet usage this century, but it has been around since the '60s. This longevity has seen it become the most trusted form of communication from businesses to their consumers. Been told that email is dead? Let us enlighten you.


Much like any new form of communication, email wasn't without its teething problems when it entered the public consciousness. Spam, phishing scams, you name it, fraud was rife.

That isn't to say the scammers aren't around. But things have changed. There's no longer a learning curve, spam filters are more sophisticated and developments like GDPR have given people much more peace of mind.

Bottom line? Email is arguably the most trusted form of communication for businesses to use. However, the years of Nigerian Prince scams have had their repercussions. End-consumers are much more savvy to genuine email marketing. Not only do you need to adhere to regulations such as GDPR and get through over-sensitive spam filters. Once you've achieved that, you need to persuade the recipient to actually open the email.

Then the real battle begins.

Is your email looking fresh, designed in HTML? Does your email render well in all clients, like Outlook and Gmail? Do you have plenty of enticing call to actions in place? Are your emails part of a wider nurture campaign?

This is the start of the battle Speakeasy loves so much - and wins on the regular.

Benefits & Features

Time to blow our own trumpet. Email marketing is one of our specialities. Having carried it out for a multinational company for years, we have previous. We'll show you how to do it like the pros.

Since GDPR was implemented back in May 2018, email marketing is no longer viewed as casting a big net and seeing what you fish up. You can only market to those who have given you explicit consent. Our knowledge of this legislation will be pivotal to your email success rate.

Click rates are juicy, but you can't do anything if they don't open. We know what subject lines work, what gets through spam filters, and how to A/B test efficiently for your audience.

Reality check time. Email may be trusted, but it has around a 20% open rate. It's a case of making sure your email is that one in five that is given the time of day. Easier said than done, but we've been there and done just that.

Using email clients like Pardot and MailChimp? We can use them with our eyes closed. But, simply using them is one thing, using them correctly is another. Our experience with MAS programs like these is invaluable to you.

Emails are similar to webpages. Different layouts can garner different reactions from the end-user. If laid out correctly, you can optimise click rates and increase traffic to your website, which equate to new leads. Come to us and find out how we can provide you with this and more.

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