Who you are, who your business is, doesn't just end at your brand name and logo. It should resonate from everything you do. We're talking style, colours, culture, and how you conduct yourself from a marketing and sales perspective.


10 points to anyone who gets the above reference.

Obscure Britpop classics aside, the point it makes still stands. You need to know where you stand today, so you have a much-clearer perspective of where you'll be in the future. Brand identity applies to all components of you and your company; take away the idea of 'brand image', they are similar, yet completely different.

Your name, your logo, any straplines, brand colours, fonts and typefaces, the shapes you use to incorporate your style, the tone of voice you adopt. This, and so much more can help you establish an identity - the ability for people to recognise who you are and what you offer, even without them knowing your name. That's the dream.

All of this, coupled with a clear marketing strategy down on pen and paper, will help you lower your overall cost of customer acquisition.

Knowing who you are, you'll be ready to then adopt a clear, long-term approach that will help you to achieve a competitive advantage.

Do you have an overall game plan as to how you're going to reach new prospects, all the while maintaining your relationship with your current client base? Because you need one.

Benefits & Features

Marketing strategies are numerous and wide-reaching; this isn't a one-size-fists all scenario. You need help to identify the strategies that will work for you, your client base and your industry, complete with alternative approaches.

With our services, we'll make sure you don't fall into the typical and classic pitfalls when it comes to brand marketing. Inconsistency across the marketing board, lack of training, not updating your materials and website at the right time - all things of the past with Speakeasy.

Don't underestimate the importance of a brand identity guideline document. Outlining everything about who your brand is and how it should be portrayed in all aspects of your marketing strategy is invaluable.

Will you partner with like-minded companies for marketing synergies? Are you updating old content? What channels are you using to communicate? Do you have a real rich content strategy, using video and webinars? How's your UX? Are your call-to-actions working? The list goes on.

You want your brand to be distinct, memorable, can scale as your business grows and is easy to apply for designers like us. We can help you achieve just this.

You don't want to people to see you as a faceless entity. But that is easier said than done. The general populace have grown extremely used to and may even claim to be 'immune' to marketing. So, you need a clear identity, almost a brand personality, to break through this noise.

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